Broad {and deep} industry experience.

We are not research generalists. Rather, we focus on six fields of research and have deep knowledge of each of them. This knowledge means we speak your language, understand your markets and can be efficient in helping you craft the best research approach.

Health Care

Our health care research practice has served health care networks (clinics and hospitals), insurers, brokers and integrated delivery systems. We’ve researched competitive positioning, product development and health care branding. We founded “America’s Health Rankings,” a measuring of the health of the 50 states, now produced by United Healthcare.

Financial Services

Our financial services research practice did consumer research for the first online savings bank (now CapitalOne360). Since then we’ve done segmentation, pricing, product development and branding for banks, credit unions, insurance and financial services companies. Our sister company, Five Star Professional, is the country’s largest rater of financial planners in the United States.


Our utilities research practice does consumer (residents and employers) satisfaction surveys for electric, gas, water and sewer utilities. Our suggestions for improving consumer service and the value proposition are regularly presented to utility boards.


Our manufacturing research practice has done product, service and competitive research for original equipment manufacturers and distribution groups. We’ve compared point-of-sale displays, tested product prototypes, and analyzed in-store consumer purchase preferences.

Real Estate

Our real estate research practice focuses on three segments: real-estate agent customer ratings, multi-family resident satisfaction and senior housing resident and family satisfaction. We have data on thousands of agents across the United States.

Advertising and Marketing Agencies

Our brand and advertising research practice includes naming, name and logo testing, tagline testing, brand development or confirmation research, message testing and advertising testing. We have named companies and finalized brand statements and image systems through research. Our branding customers include corporations, non-profits and cities.