Question. Discover. Act.

We are quick studies and focus on your research goals. Our motto is: Question. Discover. Act. We don’t get lost in the numbers in our quest for the strategic insights.

Nor do you have to take the time to teach us about your industry. Your research team from Q Market Research will be headed by someone who has had leadership and strategic experience in your particular market segment, whether it be health care, financial services, real estate or others (see Fields of Focus).

You get a full-service team

Each of our research teams also includes survey writers, data analysts, they bring their strategic experience into the research design, fielding, findings and insights. Because of our strategic expertise, we are comfortable presenting research findings at all levels of your organization, including senior management and boards.

Q Market Research was founded in 2001 as Qualitative Market Intelligence. We’re a Five Star Professional (www.fivestarprofessional.com) company, with a 12-person call center, an in-house mail/print facility, and proprietary research technology that enables automated data interface, real-time reporting and dashboards.